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Fundraising Directors love the Fundraiser Auction System by Auction Media

What is a Fundraiser Auction...

It's a fresh new approach to Auction Fundraising for Organizations and Service Clubs everywhere!

For many years Organizations, Service Clubs, Hospitals, Schools, Alumni Associations and many others have chosen to undertake some sort of Charity Auction Event in benefit of their various causes.

This often meant some sort of silent or live auction event often held at a local community hall or recreation center. All the items would be solicited by volunteers and stored at a secure location, then on the day of the event, carefully transported to the auction venue and set up as a silent item with bid sheets or the items were prepared to be auctioned by a live auctioneer.

Today with the popularity of the Internet, many charity auctions have turned to some sort of web based auction system in an effort to reach a broader audience, give more value to donors and earn more revenue. Unfortunately, this can be a costly affair and for many small clubs a huge technological challenge.

Auction Media’s Fundraiser Auction System helps Fundraisers large and small to develop a new auction strategy. The Fundraiser Auction System provides a turn key solution, complete with our hosted web based auction software, manuals, training and e-mail/telephone support.

With more than 600 event auctions under our belt, Auction Media offers a very comprehensive system at a reasonable price - scaled to the size of your organization’s auction event.

Using the Fundraiser Auction System by Auction Media, your volunteers and/or staff enter auction items sponsored by your auction item donors. Through this auction web site, hosted by Auction Media, these items are then auctioned off to the general public. A colorful auction guide can also be distributed in your area to advertise the items up for bid.

The Auction Media Fundraiser Auction System tracks bidder accounts, tabulates bids, totals the auction revenues and much, much more.

For many happy Auction Media clients, the Fundraiser Auction is their single largest revenue generating event held each year.

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